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The Young Politician’s Committee is dedicated to making room for young adults to enter the political process and to represent themselves, their families, and their communities. It is our belief that the current political system fails to represent the urgent interests of young Americans and does cultivate and empower new leadership. When our elected bodies are disproportionately composed of older adults, the most important decisions are made without the consent and input of those who will inevitably be most affected.


By eschewing traditional partisan dynamics and rising above labels and gridlock, YPC is dedicated to electing as many young Americans to public office as possible. With more young, motivated individuals representing their communities, we know that America in all its diversity will at last be included in our democratic project.


Our goals are ambitious, but our strategy is straightforward. We fundraise and support the campaigns of  young candidates at the federal, statewide, and local legislative levels. To earn our support, candidates must be part of new generations of leadership and demonstrate an eagerness and capacity to represent the needs of their communities and the interests of young Americans.


YPC is a proud non-profit 527 organization.

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"The Youth is the hope for our future!"

~Jose Rizal

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 About Us 


Young Politician Committee is a organization dedicated to promoting and advancing sound young politicians to disrupt the dated public service model. For years, deadlock in Congress has put a bind on progress at the expense of the American people. Now that a new generation of young politicians has emerged to serve and commit to putting their country before party politics, we are proud to support them in their efforts to reshape Congress and their state legislatures.

As a part of our overall effort to highlight the importance of young politicians and the policies they espouse, we support sound young politicians in their quest to win their elections and find solutions for the American people. We also work with young candidates on the infrastructure of running for Congress, helping them organize their own campaigns and build a winning strategy. 

We promote and advance sound young politicians in congress to disrupt the dated public service model while spreading awareness to increase participation among younger voters. The young candidates who we support run for Congress or state office while placing solutions for the American people above partisan interests.